Hamleys K’s Kids Fabric Soft Ball with Rattling Sound Infant & Pre-School Toys for Babies Above 12 Months (Multi-Color)

Every Piece Of K’S Kids Toy Is Designed For The Healthy Development Of A Child. To Help Parents Understand The Benefits Of Our Toy To Your Child, K’S Kids Have Developed A “Learning Triangle” Which Summarizes What A Child Needs In His Physical, Cognitive And Social Developments.Our Learning Triangle Provides Parents An Easily Understandable Guideline Of What Kind Of Developmental Skills A Child Can Get From Playing With Such A Toy. The 9 Icons, Which Represent More Detailed Developmental Areas, Will Explain To Parents The Details Of Each Of The Developmental Benefits.On Each Of Our K’S Kids Toy, We Have Indicated, Through Our Learning Triangle, How Your Child Can Benefit From The Different Developmental Aspects That Our Toys Provide For Him. There Are Toys With Single Minded Functions, Some For Multi Developmental Functions. It Depends On The Need Of Different Stages
Soft ball with rattling sound for physical and cognitive development of kids
Plush fabric is soft, safe for children and easy to clean
Rattle ball is light-weight and easy to hold
Multiple colors and patterns help your baby understand concepts of colour, shape, size, and sound through fun-filled play activity