Happiness Creation Aluminium Alloy Cutrunn Handmade Putt-Putt Steam Boat, Multicolour, Set Of 2

Put put NAV’ Have brought joy and excitement to everyone who has had a chance to own one. These boats are made of tin metal. When a small heat source such as a candle is placed under the boiler/engine, The boat takes off moving through the water. Each putt putt boat has a boiler mounted in the hull. Before the heat source is applied to the boiler, the boiler must be filled with water. Cutrunn brings this classic toy to relive our fun childhood days. Cutrunn toy steam power boat, runs on candle, fuel flame. Description: scientific water toys steamer, early edge education toy, tin boat – length 16 cm, Width 12 cm, Height 5 cm.
Strong, antique in look and very safe for children could play
Aluminium Alloy Material Toys for kids