Happy Cart Police Toy Set Manual Soft Bullet Gun with 6 Foam Bullets Handcuff Telescope for Boys | Toy Gun for Boys

About this High Speed and Long Range Police Role Play Gun Pistol Toy with 6 Soft Foam Bullets; Handcuff and Telescope for Kids (Multi-Color)
Start practicing your aim with this high speed soft bullet hand gun
This toy gun set comes with 6 soft bullets
It helps to build your aiming skills and gain advantage over the competitor by shooting quickly and accurately every time
Your kid will love to fire soft foam bullets and hit imaginary targets
Shooting range of this soft darts bullets is up to 45 ft.
This gun is easy to operate and have lots of fun while operating Looks like a real model guns from any sci-fi movie
The designing of the suction dart gun us done by keeping in mind comfort of usage as well as good fire power
Its super exciting and super cool shooting fun for the whole family; right in the cozy indoors
Ideal toy gun for kids ages 6+ years
Best Toy / Game Birthday Present Gift
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All our toys and games are designed to move your boys and girls fun-powered imaginations forward
Comes with a lot of love and thought; we make imagination inspired toys and games available for your children to support creative and educational improvements.

Manual Soft Bullet Gun is made of high quality material with integrated in design.
Manual soft bullet gun series have long shooting range up to 45ft. It is easy to operate and have lots of fun while operating.
In the Box: 1 soft bullet gun with Six Pieces of bullet in total Handcuffs and Telescope.
Easy Operation: Just Load the soft bullets, Press the lever down and take aim and fire