Harshad My Happy House Building Blocks Toys for Kids ,Mega Jumbo Happy Home House Boys & Girls with Attractive Windows and Smooth Rounded Edges (50 Blocks + 15 Windows) (for Age 3+ Years)

Building Blocks Are Intimate Companions For Children’s Games And An Important Teaching Aid For Educating First of all, Since the building blocks are material toys, a single block of bricks is meaningless, and only when these blocks are combined into an image of the object can life activities be reflected. Therefore, building blocks can provide children with a vast space to imagine, which can effectively promote children’s creative thinking development and cultivate children’s creative ability. At the same time, the children in the fight to build blocks, exercise the flexibility of the hand, eye-hand coordination, use the brain and brain to make them feel sensitive, and lay a good foundation for future study. The combination of building blocks is a meticulous work. A building requires dozens of blocks to build. Therefore, the child is required to be serious, careful and determined. In the joint construction activities, children can also form good collective morality and enhance their artistic knowledge and skills in three-dimensional modeling.
This Mega Home Building Block contains 50 pieces in The Toys and Games Category. So you can not only build Happy Home but Many Happy Homes and that too in many Shapes And Size.
Early Development Toys – Perfect for promoting children’s fine motor skills, stimulates imagination and creativity, develops hand-eye coordination and logic thinking, builds confidence.