House of Quirk Adjustable Reusable Baby Washable Cloth Diaper Nappies with Wet-Free Inserts for Babies of Ages 0 to 2 Years. – Pack of 2 Pcs. Blue

Waterproof, Strong, Breathable, Absorbent material. Anti-Bacterial Germproof Material for Perfect hygiene of your little one.
Preferred by mothers as an Excellent Solution for NIGHT TIME when the diaper’s function is mostly urine absorption.
Product Size – Open L(37) x H(34) Cm , Close L(20) x H(20) Cm. Adujustable 4 size options for a super fit
Package Contents: 2 Pcs Of Resuable Diaper + 2 Pcs of Soft Inserts. Note : The Diaper cover can be used more than once, by changing the inserts alone every 2-5 hours depending upon the urination pattern.