HuFF PuFF Baby Dry Sheet Washable Small Size, 70 x 50 cm, FEEROJU | Waterproof & Quick Dry Bed Protector for Newborn Babies | Skin Friendly & Heat Free Mattress Protectors for Toddlers & Kids

EFFECTIVE WATERPROOF PROTECTION WITH ULTIMATE COMFORT: Our washable crib sheets are made from premium quality soft non-woven fabric for its ultra breathability. By breathable, we mean it allows more airflow to keep the baby from getting too hot. As infants’ skin inhales better, HuFF PuFF waterproof dry sheets for 6 months / 1 year / 2 year old babies have designed a fast drying layer on top to appreciate long hours of restful sleep!
MULTIPURPOSE REUSABLE DRY SHEET FOR BABIES: Not only protects your mattress from stains but also guards your baby from allergens, dust particles, and bacteria. Designed to withstand constant use, our bed protectors can be used as play or diaper changing mat for babies, toilet training toddlers, pregnant and new moms and bed ridden patients with urinary incontinence!
PERFECT FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Machine Washable thus easing your tasks of washing it with hands. Just use a damp cloth or wet wipe to clean the baby poops on the flat mattress protector before throwing into the machine. Can be folded into a compact size, placed inside your diaper bag and taken with you wherever you go – Allowing for easy changes as you go about your daily activities!
WHY TO TRUST HuFF PuFF FOR YOUR NEWBORNS: Many waterproof crib mattress protectors lose their waterproof ability over time but HuFF PuFF proved to increase the absorbance and dryness over time even after 90 assured washes. With so many positives, it’s no wonder why parents all over the country are now using HuFF PuFF for their Babies!