HUG ‘N’ FEEL SOFT TOYS Kangaroo Soft Toy | Toys for Girls/boy | Birthday Gift for girlsL/boy | Womens Day Gift for Ladies Cute Teddy Bear, Baby Toys Gift Items (30 cm Soft Toys, Kangaroo with Baby)

Designed in an attractive color from soft fabric, your kids will not stop hugging and squeezing this plush toy in their arms. stuffed soft toy is sure to become your child’s best companion. Extremely soft and cozy that beg for a cuddly hug! Made from plush material. Easy to carry and cuddle. kids will hug like a teddy bear Soft Fabric, Filled With Polyester Fiber, Non-Toxic Toys Are Machine Stitched, Finest Fabric Used In Creation Of Soft Toy. Best Gift for kids girls made in india product
soft Cotton Fiber Felling inside
Best for someone; Washable bear; teddy bear
Toys and Games/Soft Toys/Teddy Bears Best product For your Loving person