Imagimake Outer Space Themed Learning Aid & Educational Toy Mapology Solar System Puzzle for Kids Aged 4 and Above, Multicolor

Product Description



Dual Sided Puzzle

Double the learning with other side of puzzle. Turn the puzzle around & explore man’s journey of 50 Years of space expeditions by solving the second side. Learn about Mars Rovers, Neil Armstrong, Space Station & more!

Dual sided puzzle
Dual sided puzzle

Self-Development Skills

Social Confidence

Game play experiences with peers give an opportunity to collaborate, communicate, share and grow

Motor Skills

Tactile Play Experience

Puzzles to piece together, aliens to fix & stickers to paste – keep enhancing motor skills & more

Constructive Play


Designed based on the principles of Play Way Learning with hands-on learning experiences

1 Self-Development Skills
2 Motor Skills
3 Constructive Play

Why Mapology?

Mapology as a range has seen wide acceptance across the globe and has won multiple awards in the Learning and Education category

Why choose Mapology Solar System?

Mapology Solar System provides a 5-in-1 play experience. The child can explore through space by solving the puzzle and learn 80 interesting facts about the planets and man’s Space Expedition Journey with Cool Rotating Alien Buddies

Why do children love Mapology?

Children are attracted by the colourful pieces & enjoy the experience of actually picking up a planet or country in their little fingers & keep coming back to solve these puzzles, the Aliens & the AR app just takes the play pattern to whole new level

What makes Mapology a preferred choice among parents?

Mapology provides an immersive learning experience combined with hands-on play! It has delivered fantastic results with young children in helping them learn countries, capitals, planets and much more at an unexpectedly young age

72 INTERESTING FACTS TO LEARN: 8 interesting facts to learn about each Planet and the Sun. Learn about colour, size, rotation, dwarf planets, the asteroid belt and lots more. Just paste the stickers and insert the pegs in the aliens
MULTI-PLAYER BOARD GAME: Turn the space puzzle into a multi-player board game and invite your friends to join the fun. Play games like: Guess the Fact, Heads Up and Rapid Fire – capture the planets by learning the facts
50 YEARS OF SPACE EXPEDITION: Explore man’s journey of space expeditions as you solve the second side. Learn about Mars Rovers, Neil Armstrong & more!
COOL ALIENS: This Solar System Toy comes with 9 cool alients that can spin! They can hold the Spacehip shaped fact pegs making learning fun for kids and can be used as fun pencil toppers too!