iqkids india map floor jigsaw puzzle for kids with states and their capitals – educational toy(single)- Multi color

Knowing your geography will turn easier with this puzzle set brought to you by iQKids. This Puzzle encourages learning in your kids in a fun and interactive way. The play set has been designed to teach the children about patience and make him or her learn about India in its very details. The jigsaw puzzle has been designed keeping the Indian kids in mind and can let you teach your kid all that he or she needs to know about the nation. Complete with the states, union territories and state capitals, the puzzle map from iQKids can develop the problem solving abilities in the kids and make them aware of varying shapes and sizes. The entire map of India is broken up into 25 fragments, in to irregular pieces. Designed to fit the curves of each other perfectly, the pieces from the set can be arranged and re-arranged to form the map of the nation. The floor puzzle has been designed for kids above 6 years age, who are aware about the basic physical outline of India. Offering a sense of creativity, this play set can keep your kid engaged for hours and help him know about the Indian map in a fun way.
This floor sized jigsaw puzzle is made of finest quality
Motor skills devolepment cognitive skills devolepment
Spatial skills devolepment