ixora Intellectual Musical Toy School Bus, Learning Educational Toys for Baby & Toddler, Electronic Car with Lights, Activity Bus Toy for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys and Girls

Product Description

Activity School Bus
Activity School Bus

Activity gear

Activity gear

Activity bus

Activity bus



Animal Sounds

Music and Songs

Funny Function

baby activity toy
baby activity toy

Afford Your Little One Endless Hours Of Educational Fun

Musical Toy Intellectual School Bus for children. Loads of functions including Music, Sounds, Flashing headlights, and bump and go action. Just turn on the school bus and watch as it drives around the room singing the tune “The Horns on the Bus Go Beep Beep Beep.” There is also an option to turn OFF the music.


The bump & Go feature allows the bus to change directions and keep going when it bumps into something
The music and Bump & Go feature can be turned off to allow playtime in a quiet environment
Contains fun interactive games on the side, front, and back of the bus
Imitates animal sounds according to the book on top of the bus
Flashes its headlights and taillights even when music is turned off

Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)

Fun AND educational toy
Helps to teach your little one cause and effect
Helps your baby learn fine motor skills
Teaches your child animals and the sounds they make
Colorful school bus features fun lights and sounds
Many songs to dance and play to
Learning bus features rotating gears and pages to turn
Recommended for ages 12 months and up

bus for toys
bus for toys

More Than 6 Engaging Activities To Choose From!

It’s a common secret that children need to shift their attention rapidly to new things because they are easily bored. That’s why our school bus toy has 8 different activities for your toddler to engage; push the buttons to hear 10 different animal sounds, turn the pages of the rooftop book, rotate the picture wheel, press the doorbell, switch between the car and horn sounds, turn the wheel, waggle the passengers, and listen to the happy bus song!

What’s more, the bus rides around automatically and it also produces bright, flashing lights to will keep your baby playing for hours and hours to come

Improve your Childs Developmental & Cognitive Skills: Building your child’s fine motor skills, cognitive development, hearing development, and imitative ability can still be fun! This is an educational toy that will cognitively develop your child’s mind and imaginations.

♫ Music and Animals Sound ♫ : Turn the sound on and it will play a magical music. On the front of the bus there is a spinning wheel that will change tunes every time it is spun! On top of the bus, there are different animals associated with buttons that, if pressed, they will imitate the appropriate 10 animals’ sound, such as tiger, dog, goat, bird, cat, rooster, duck, frog, horse, cow.
♫ Bump & Go Feature ♫ : The Bump & Go feature allows the bus to change directions and keep going when it bumps into something. When the bus hits an object blocking its path, it will turn around change directions and keep going! Or, turn off the bump & go feature that will let your child use it as a standard toy bus.
♫ Various Funny Function ♫ : On one of the sides, there is a gear that can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. On the other side there is a book that can be flipped and help express one’s feelings. In the back, you can ring the doorbell and turn the key causing adorable animals to appear. Press the Music Button, the bus makes horn and startup sounds, and sings songs with flashing lights.
✅ FUN & SAFE: We make a point of using nothing but the best quality materials for our kids toys. Our premium school bus toy has round, safe edges, two swiveling figures as passengers and no less than 8 different activities for your baby to engage, including a page-turning book, 10 different kinds of animal sounds, door bell ringing, key rotating and much more!