J S Rattle and Musical Band Baby Concert Toy Set BPA-Free and Non Toxic Toys for Toddlers (Big Drum)

is an Indian Brand and a registered trademark of Halo Trade & Services which is Indian Company. No other seller is authorized to sell their products using this brand name or they will be legally prosecuted under trademark infringement act ! The rattle and a musical band drum set is a great way to get your kids to start experimenting with music. Rattles make a soothing sound to attract your baby’s attention and are a great source of stimulation for them. They will love to explore the different colours, sounds and touch while holding this rattle. The rattle also helps them connect sounds to movement. The non-toxic baby rattle improves the motor ability of your baby and helps build hand-eye coordination. This rattle can also be a very interesting gift for babies. Watch them giggle as they discover a new side to the rattle with every touch.
Rattle and musical band baby concert toy set bpa-free and non toxic toys for toddlers (big drum)
The rattle also helps them connect sounds to movement