Jiada Wooden Geometric Shape Matching 5 Column Blocks Montessori Educational and Learning Toys

Intelligence shape matching puzzle toys This JIADA wisdom plate building blocks toy is attractive and interesting to children. The colourful blocks of different shapes can be moved from the previous position and can also be recovered. When placed upside down, this wisdom plate can be used as a mini table for children game. Through this game, children can learn about shapes, colours and have great fun at the same time. This wooden wisdom plate building blocks toy is great gift for little kids! A colourful and attractive wisdom plate building blocks toy for preschool children.
Adaptation Age: Above 1.5 years old
Size: 29 × 6.2 × 5.3 CM
This toy has five different internal geometry, where each shape a different color. Each shape baby take it down from the column must be the direction of rotation
Perfect toy for children’s early education and to develop hand-eye coordination and logical thinking