k.k. Collection Wooden Slippery Cars Gravity Track Set. 12 x 4.5 inches- Multi colorToy for Babies/Kids for Boys & Girls of 1,2,3,4 Years Old Age | Multicolored | Toy for Kids | Car Shaped | Big Size

K.K. COLLECTION Handcrafted colorful wood toy , Very attractive and kids love this toy. Three sets of cars slides through the track by gravitational force. This can be used as good gift item as well as a show piece too. The toy is robust, lasts very long. Do you know a way to make your child learn about music and colors at the same time? UBUY SHOPPEE Toys Brings You Tin Tin Xylophone Toy for kids, a sweet-sounding xylophone toy is precisely made of wood and melodious musical metal plates. The rainbow-colored Xylophone is the best musical instrument for kids with the cute CAR design is a finest way to let the child enjoy playing music and learn about colors, develop multiple skills like Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Color Recognition, Phonological Awareness, Creative skills, cognitive skills and many more. So let your child embrace music and improve multiple skills with this educational toy Tin Tin Xylophone. Key Features Age: 18 Months & Above Safety 1st : UBUY SHOPPEE Tin Tin Xylophone Toy Xylophone: Tin Tin Xylophone kids Toy is a melodious sounding musical instrument for kids that includes a complete octave of notes to let the child play and develop music sense Montessori Technique: UBUY SHOPPEE Toys are made based on Montessori technique which is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Musical Learning: UBUY SHOPPEE musical Xlophone helps the little one to register musical notes in their mind and helps develop musical & creative skills Color Recognition: Xylophone plates are colored in colorful pattern to let your child learn about 7 main Rainbow Colors andRecognize them. Motor Skills & Hand Eye Coordination: Striking the xylophone will help child to improve motor skills and stimulates Hand Eye Coordination. Cognitive Skills: This musical toy will develop the musical sense and boost creativity in the child.
* 8 level set and three sets (2 solo and 2 bogie) of cars and 1 track
* Can be used as a gift, show piece or collactableas well
* Great entertainment to kids.
* Improved Metal wheel version to avoid car jamming in between and to have faster movement.