kabeer art® crystal clay 12 colors kids slime toys, children educational creative handmade diy toys, stress relief sludge toy- Multi color

Features Eco-friendly material. Rich Colors, develop kids’ color sense. Simple operation and suitable for ages 8+. Develop the kids’ creativity and imagination. Exercise the kids’ coordination ability with hands, eyes and brain. Featured environmentally friendly raw materials,natural resin production,safe non-toxic non-added. Easy to preserve,recycle use:After playing,put the dough back into cooked food box,can maintain choi mud softness. Easy and Air dry, do not baked,safe material, looks like jelly, super light, soft, color is pure, can be arbitrary mixed color,easy modelling
Safe and Non Toxic: fluffy slime is non irritating to the skin or eyes. Additionally, our slime will not damage things like clothing, upholstery, fabric, or carpeting.
Lots of fun to relief stress: As you squeeze, fold, roll, and pull the slime, It’s great for realizing stress and just for having something fun to entertain your hands!
Less sticky than other’s fluffy slime: you can get it off your hands easier than other seller’ fluffy slime floam, so try ours slime to get rid of stickiness.
By choosing to purchase our sludge toys, not only you are getting an amazing product, but also changing your child’s life!