KENAYO ENTERPRISE Plastic Baby Shampoo Cup Baby Shower Water Scoop Children Water Scorpion Baby Bath Tumbler(Pink)

Simple design, smooth surface, light color.This cup allows you to rinse your child’s hair while protecting his face and eyes.This product is good for Rinse, Drain Baby Bath Storage, Organizer and Toy Scoop is one ultimate bathing toys! It’s friendly and safe to use with/for toddlersThis bath scoop is also great for parents making because it makes for such an easy clean up for the bath toys your kids leave behind!The Shampoo Rinse Cup is a easy-to-pour rinse cup that helps to keep shampoo and water out of your child’s eyes during bath time. Our bath Rainer is so easy to use.1X BABY RAIN CUP.
Suitable age : 1-2 years old, 0-1 years old, newborn, 2-3 years old
It not only can wash head but also can water the flower like the flower pot.