Keshav Creation™ Printed Velvet Learning Baby Pillow/Cushion/Toys/Soft Toys/Toddler Pillow/Kids Pillow for Baby Boy/Baby Girl Colour – Blue (Pink)

This Soft Cushions will help your kids for Interactive and Wonderful Experience make learning smart and easy. This Cushion will help your kids to away from TV And mobile. Kids can learn 12 things in this cushion. including English. Hindi, Gujarati Alphabets, Numbers, Vehicles, Shapes, Colours, Days of the Week, Month of the year, Fruits, Vegetables, Body parts. Very Hard to Break the cushions because its made from fabric.
▶ 14*24 Inches
▶ Fabric : Soft Velvet
▶ Washable, Not Breakable and Durable
▶ Light Weight