kevil kids toys limousine die-cast 4 wheel drive metal car pull back with 3 openable doors, engine cover, tail with front and rear light and music great gift for boys and girls above 4 years best gift- Multi color

〠 The toy car sports an original sports car look along with a 4 wheel drive. Three of the doors of the car can be opened which gives the car a realistic and sporty feel. The lower base plate and interiors of the car are made of plastic along with a smooth finish to give it a sporty look.The toy car is suitable for kids aged 4 years and above and can be a suitable addition to their toy car collection. A sports car model helps in invoking the curiosity of a toddler and introduces them to the world of automobiles.
〠 Original Sport Car Look, 4 Wheel Drive , 3 Doors Can be Opened
〠 Made of Fine Metal . The Material of the car is used to give it absolutely clear finish
〠 Front and Rear Light And Music , Tail Light & Front Light ,Strong Sport Cars
〠 Perfect for collectors, kids. This one is a best piece to keep at your office desk as well