KEVIL Toys Toy Vehicles Set – Assembly Toy Farm Big Truck Construction Set, Building Vehicle Play Set with Screwdriver, Green Toy for 3 Year Old Boys,Kids,Girls (Helicopter)

〠 Learn And Identify Different Construction And Engineering Vehicles. Enhance Baby’S Curiosity. Baby Learns To Identify And Recognize Things. Learn Different Colours And Vehicle Shapes, Which Can Teach Bay To Learn New Things, And Enhance Learning Interest. Pushing The Friction Car Forward Can Exercise Baby’S Hand-Eye Coordination -plastic is strong well made, well designed and painted -no
〠 Non toxic and Unbreakable car toy set, Even if your kid bangs it on the floor, it wont break. All tires have friction power. 4X4 friction powered toy.
〠 Just hold the truck, push it forward several times, then let go and watch it roll. The Toys are made of high quality, durable plastic and is the perfect addition to any child’s ability to learn.
〠 Recognize colors and shapes. Learn different colors and vehicle shapes, which can teach baby to learn new things. and enhance its learning interest.