KHUSH Building Blocks Set Educational Construction Toy Puzzles Learning Activity Game for Kids Toys ,Toys for Boys,Girls,Children Toys for 2,3,4,5 Years (135+ House Block)

A must-have toy gift for kids: –value package for flexible assembly choice and fun –multiple tracks design for both challenge and amusement , smooth edges for children’s safety –STEM learning and improve problem-solving skills.
This Mega Home Building Block contains 135 pieces in The Toys and Games Category. So you can not only build Happy Home but Many Happy Palatial Homes and that too in many Shapes And Size.
Detachable windows provide to enhance the beauty of the home you build. Unleash Your child’s imagination using this building blocks and with 135 pieces there are options galore and whole lot a child could do.
The Pieces nicely fit into each other. The pieces are made of high quality plastic and ultimate care has been taken to make all the edges smooth and rounded. You will not find any sharp edges.
Totally Harmless for your child with non toxic plastic material used. Gift your little one with the exiting Puzzles Blocks sets which will take your child to his dream world. These sets will improve your Child’s creative and imagination skills which will enhance his/her thoughts.