Kid’s Polyester Hello Kitty Soft Toy Character Animal Toy by Forever online shopping

Research shows 80% of child’s brain development takes place between the ages zero to five years. Exposure to the right kind of learning materials can be instrumental in their overall growth. Toys can be highly contributory in providing appropriate educational value which keeping them engaged and entertained. Most toys available are plastic and may contain harmful chemicals like BPA, Lead and mercury. These can cause onset of learning disabilities and growth of cancerous cells. Similarly electronic ones can lead to attention deficit, irritability and screen addiction. Brings to you a collection of fun engaging high quality toys. Our toys undergo rigorous standard quality testing procedures. Sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination, life skills, memory and cognitive skills. This range is available in natural material such as cotton fabric and scopes of fabric. So make an informed and responsible choice for your kids today.
Ideal for Boys :: Girls
Filling Material: Polyester Fibre
Home Washable and skin Friendly
Washable plus 100% Polyester Fibre Filling.