KINDRED Night Scope Toy Binocular with Pop Up Light, Binoculars Night Scope and Night-Beam Vision, Zoom Binoculars Cool Toy Gift for Kids

The binoculars have high-quality 4*30mm pop-up children’s binoculars featuring lamps, which can be automatically retracted and has a solid structure, and it is the perfect and Zoom Binoculars Fun Cool Toy gift for any boy or girl.Pop-up small lamp design: The Toys Binoculars When pressing the button, the light inside will pop up and emit light of 25 feet. This king of hidden design is safe and reliable.Anti-skid design: The Binoculars handle is design with anti-friction and anti-vibration rubber coating technology to prevent the hand from slipping, safe and durable.Simple operation: The Compact Binoculars By smoothing the center focus knob, you can adjust the field of view and see the target more clearly, which is easy for the child to operate.Lightweight and convenient: The Binoculars have Night-Beam Vision ,is Mini pocket size, easy to hold in your hand, and portable, very suitable for concerts, drama, opera, performances, travel, hiking, camping, bird watching, etc.. The best gift for children, that’s it!
Can be used outside for roleplay as a scout, police equipment, sheriff accessory, pirate party favor, spy gear,detective stuff, for action games and other cool ideas.
Early Science Tool:Explore the world with this early science tool,Kids get familiarized with magnification and the feel of using binoculars.
Fascinating design: The magnification toy binoculars is mini pocket size,easy to carry.Suitable for children over 3 years old, a particularly popular toy for children kids and toddlers. (Size: 12*11.5*5cm)
Pop-up lamp design: Zoom Binoculars with pop-up spotlights with illumination function to see the light in the dark (but it is not a night vision telescope)