kitikittz Trolly Doctor Set with Light & Sound Effects with Suitcase Toy for Child (Pink)

Doctor Playset with Light and Sound Effects with Durable Case. Let’s be a doctor! Make role-playing for the kids with these doctors set and carry case! Modern and elegant fashion Help the kids to know more about the doctor and some medical knowledge. This medical kit teaches your child about sharing and cooperation as there a number of instruments to play with. In order for your child to have fun, he or she will have to play with another person, thus teaching your child about cooperation. It also helps your child develop his or her sensory.
Comes With Electronic Equipment That Mimic Original Devices.This will reduce your kids fear of going to the doctor.
Set of 17 doctor set.The set contains all the essential tools required for perfect doctor pretend play.
The Stethoscope Makes Heart-beat Sound When Pressed Against Any Object.
It also helps your child develop his or her sensory. Child safe material Encourages pretend play Develops hand eye coordination.