Kitki Escape Evil Fun Board Game Based on Chemistry and Magic for Boys and Girls, 8 Years+ (Multicolour)

Product Description

Four scientists from across the world have been invited by the Earth Vision Industrial Labs (E.V.I.L), to create a chemical potion that would eradicate malnutrition. However, the E.V.I.L Chairman is looking to rule the world with a potent mind control potion. On refusing to cooperate, the scientists have been detained. Can you help them escape E.V.I.L? How The Game Works Each player chooses a magic trick from a collection of 16 tricks that involve chemicals. Players roll dice and move on the board to collect the chemicals. Once collected, players distract the warden with their magic trick and escape. The first player to escape wins!


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We transform learning into a truly exciting experience.

Playing is a great way to learn. It brings out the innate interest in everyone to participate actively. We make board games that are highly compelling and fun to play, but at the same time, drive learning in the background without kids even realizing. Escape EVIL aims to let kids realize how several things around us involve interesting chemistry and develop a curiosity to learn more.

16 Magic Tricks

Did you know that you could create fake snow anywhere? Just add water to sodium polyacrelate crystals. These crystals absorb water, grow in volume and look just like snow! Interesting to note that even after absorbing all that water, the crystals remain absolutely dry! The game includes sixteen such magic tricks, most of which use chemicals that are easy to find. Kids can try some of these for school projects too.

45 Chemical Cards

But where can we find sodium polyacrelate? Due to the crystals’ amazing property to remain dry, they are used in a common household item. Any guesses which item? Baby diapers! Kids get to learn such interesting trivia about chemicals from daily lives through the 45 chemical cards included in the game. This in turn develops their appreciation for chemistry and its real life applications.

Easy To Learn

The game includes a fully illustrated rules book to fully comprehend how to play Escape EVIL. You may also choose to just watch a video on YouTube to learn how to play within 10 minutes:

Develops Curiosity To Learn Science

Highlighting the magical appeal of chemical reactions, Escape EVIL garners interest among young learners to learn chemistry. Further by identifying interesting properties of involved chemicals and the practical applications of such chemicals, kids’ overall curiosity to learn starts improving.

About the Startup

Pramod Ponnaluri

Rohini Deepthi

Describe your products in 3 words.

Play. Learn. Chemistry.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Chemistry is normally perceived as an imaginary subject involving complex chemical formulas. However several such chemicals possess interesting properties with a magical appeal. We wanted to expose this fun side of chemistry to kids and thus started Escape EVIL.

What makes your product special?

Although Escape EVIL is based on chemistry, it does not require any prior knowledge of the subject. Simple game play involving magic means even 8 year old kids can play the game. Once young minds are exposed to this side of chemistry, their perception of the subject will be different and will be eager to know more by the time chemistry is taught formally at schools.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Escape EVIL has won the Academics’ Choice, Brain Toy & Mom’s Choice awards from the prestigious associations in the USA.

No prior knowledge of chemistry required to play
Perfect for 2 to 4 players of ages 8 years and up
Stem toy based on science experiments involving chemicals from daily life
Quality, international standard educational toys for boys and girls; Ideal gifts for kids of age 8-11 years