Krona Medically Beneficial “Squat W/Potty Shotty” is a Toilet Step Stool, (7 Inch Height, Anti-slip)

HAPPIER BODY W/ HEALTHIER RESULTS: recommended by doctors all over the world to help relive: Constipation, Bladder problems, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Bloating, Hemorrhoids Especially in Adults . Also, some people having Joint Pains will find sitting on the Indian Toilet very difficult . The Best way to use the Potty Stool is Sit with your legs on the Potty-Shotty Stool in a Squatting position and press your abdomen into your thighs for optimal Elimination of waste.
WORKS WITH ANY STANDARD TOILET: Krona’s POTTY-SHOTTY measures approx. 7″ in height and a person can use it with any toilet . The 7″ is a comfortable height for any Adult to keep their legs upon this Potty-Shotty step stool to get an Angular Position of the legs to squat just like a person would, on an Indian Toilet. This can be used by Children too.
ADAPT THE CHANGE FOR A FITTER NATURAL LIFE – When you first start using BATHROOM STEP STOOL, it may be difficult to get used to the different sensation of squatting. Although it may take time for you to get used to the change, this is a more effective way for a healthier, more natural way of using the toilet.