Kutuhal Kaleidoscope Making Kit . Do-It-Yourself . Educational Toy

You may refer product and instructions/manual images for more details. This product will be shipped along manual has details of how to perform activity using this kit, theoretical concepts covered by them. As said by Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’. This product provide Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience. Such activities instill wonder and fascination towards science among young students. It help in igniting interest in subject and inculcate a scientific attitude.

Download ” StepsToDo ” android application from play store and view Step-By-Step Instructions & related theory. Link to app: http://goo.gl/dKKEdW
It has arrangement of mirrors at 60 degrees which causes multiple reflections of objects.
With this kit students will be able to : Understand multiple reflection using mirrors, Explain how kaleidoscope works?
In 1816,ScotsmanDr.David Brewster was the first to arrange mirrors and objects in a tube and call it a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope is a tube of mirrors containing loose, colored objects such beads or pebble sand bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other end creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off the mirrors. The word “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek “observer and its meaning is, of beautiful forms.”