Little Hands Pattern Blocks Toys for Kids Stacking Set for Brain Development Educational, Learning & Creativity Puzzle Game for Kids, (Multi Color) (130 Pcs Pattern Blocks) (130 Pcs Pattern Blocks)

Style Name:Pattern Building Blocks Set of wooden shape blocks and colorful patterns to complete Each set includes: 130 pcs of pattern blocks, 24 design cards and 1 storage bag 24 patterns are included. From simple to complicate,and you can create more of your own
24 Design Cards are available with the set. There is a storage bag available to keep the various wooden made shapes
The various shapes are Triangle , Hexagon, Triangle , Diamond , Trapezoid, Square , Parellogram
PATTERN BLOCKS SIZE: 6 colors and shapes, 20 purple squares, 15 red hexagons, 15 yellow trapezoids, 20 green parallelograms, 30 blue skinny rhombus, 30 red triangles, 24 design cards. The whole box measures 8.27×9.25×1.77inches, weigh 1.2lb
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