Little Innocents® Polyester Fiber Filled Elephant Baby Pillow Cum Soft Toy with Small Baby Ball (Grey)

Little Innocents brings to you a carefully crafted elephant pillow for your little one.

Delicately crafted and with high quality a good match to home decoration .

soft fabric material and is stuffed very well to provide added comfort.

The elephant design of this pillow makes it look very cute and appealing especially when placed in the kid’s room.

The most common use of. this pillow is, however, ahead pillow because of its soft and comfy feeling .

There are ways for parents to keep their sleeping babies safe.

The elephant design of this pillow makes it stand out from the other stuffed toys in the kid’s room and which is why kids tend to play with this pillow even more.

This product is great for in-bed reading, tv- watching, sofa cushion, and as a back and head pillow.
Quality: Soft & Smooth
Type: Toy with comfort for Baby. Contents: Big baby pillow.
Uses: Can be used on bed to give comfort your baby during sleeping.
This Is hand Washable. And Do Not Forget To Dry It Fully Under The Sun Frequently Which Helps Keep The Plush Toy Soft.