LT Store Motu Patlu Soft Toy for Kids Playing, Girls & Children Playing Teddy Bear in Size 30 cm Long

Fluufy & Enjoyable Teddy Bear,Adults Girls & Girlfriend gifting big size teddy bear Kids Soft Toy Teddy Bear for Gifting This Soft, Smooth And Cuddly Teddy As A Great Gift To Your Loved One. Great For All Kids (And Adults) Who Love To Hold, Hug, Cuddle And Treasure Made Out Of Non-Toxic Polyester And Fur Fabrics Of Good Quality. Excellent Poly-Staple & Conjugate Filling Fiber Used Has Good Resiliency Making It Most Appropriate For Machine Or Hand Wash. Big fluffy Teddy Bear 2,3 feet size long big size teddy bear approx.. very good fullfilment fore kids.
Washable Teddy Bear
Great in medium size Soft Toy Teddy Bear
someone special Teddy bear Good Look, Light weight & easy to Carry
Best Teddy Bear