Mahalaxmi Wooden Skating Board, Large, Multicolor

A great skateboard for the beginner skateboarder in the family! Skateboarding is fun and not fun like playing a video game is fun – skateboarding is that deep kind of fun that gets down into your gut. Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes and, of course, riders progress through different skill levels. Remember that riding a skateboard is a fun activity for both boys and girls, this skateboard will keep the kids outside and active and they will definitely make tons of new friends. Everybody has got to start somewhere. This is perfect for children from the ages of 3 and above who haven’t spent too much time on a skateboard yet, but are ready to work on the basics like learning to stand on the board and ride comfortably without falling down and managing your centre of gravity. The moment where your child starts to become more comfortable pushing off with his or her foot and balancing atop their board as he or she rides – you’re going to fall in love with watching your children use this board. Skateboarding will challenge your kids in new ways and teach them a new skill set. It sounds cheesy, but believing in yourself and understanding how powerful you really are is important! Our vibrant board colours and wheel colours mean that they will look so cool riding around the block. This skateboard will arrive completely assembled ready to use that can be easily carried around in a backpack! The concave, tapered shape, rounded kick tail & nose provides versatile performance for the rider! The ‘parts’ of a skateboard consist of the ‘deck’, the ‘trucks’, the ‘wheels’, and the ‘bearings’. All parts come in a variety of specifications, including shape, size, softness, and flex.

CRUISE AROUND TOWN IN STYLE – The concave, tapered shape, rounded kick tail & nose provides versatile performance for the rider! These boards are going to make all the other kids on the block jealous!
MADE FOR BOYS & GIRLS – It have been purchased by tens of thousands of families in cities all around the country & they are the perfect choice for a starter gift
PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS – A complete wood skateboard deck recommended for aged 3 and above. The skateboard is the perfect size and will be durable