Make 2 Litres of Instant Snow. Just add water to FLUFFY SNOW powder by YUCKY SCIENCE and wait for few seconds. Great Return Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls . Artificial snow that feels like real. Kids Age 4 years and above.

Product Description

Make Buckets of Snow this Holiday Season with Fluffy Snow by Yucky Science . Just add water to Fluffy Snow Powder and watch the instant Snow Erupt in seconds. Add colored water to make colored snow. The Snow is artificial but feels like real. The Powder expands to 100 Times of its original size. 100 Gms packet of Snow powder can make approx. 4 Litres of Snow . 50 Gms of Packet can Make upto 2 Litres of Snow . Its great for Kids and family to have fun

Cool Activities that can be conducted using fluffy snow powder are Snow in a Cup, Color Snow Rainbows, Frozen Island with Characters, Christmas Tree Decoration. Watch activity video tutorials on Zlife Education Youtube Channel.

Fluffy Snow powder is a high quality Sodium Poly acrylate which is a Super absorbent polymer. It is safe and non Toxic for Kids. It’s the same material used in Children Diapers – Its 100% Reusable – after making snow you can keep it out side till the water dries in couple of days and you can use the Powder again.
‘Yucky Science’ is a series of fun science experiments conceptualized by Zlife Education. Through the experiments and activities, kids can build their curiosity and improve their hands-on skills. It is a fun and innovative approach to introduce your child to science. All the experiments are safe and non hazardous. However, adult supervision is preferred.

About Zlife Education

Till Last week – Zlife Education trained over 25000+ Kids 50000+ Parents , Worked with over 100+ Schools. All this for Single Mission of making – Everyday science amazing for kids with cool science experiences which are hard to forget. Our Exciting range of Products and Services include Yucky Science Kit Series for 6 – 96 years, School Astronomy and Science Clubs, workshops, Imaginex Science Festival – Travelling Festival (, Outdoor Science & Adventure Programs & Science birthday, Youtube Channel with Over 1 Million Views and 100+ Activities for Kid to do at home.
Yucky Science Series of Educational Kits for Ages 6-96 Years are collection of cool hands on science experiments to do at home on different science themes and topics. The activity topics range from Colourful Chemistry, Slime Making, Crime Scene Investigation, Popsicle Crafts , Fluffy Snow etc. All the activities are fun , experiential and engaging with Video Tutorials on Youtube.

Just Add Water and Snow Erupts in Seconds

Simple, Easy and Fun Activity – Just add Water to the Fluffy Snow Powder and watch it Erupt instantly. The Powder to water ratio is 1 : 25. The Snow Expands 100 Times of its Size. The Experiments and Activities are Fun and exciting for all ages .Families can indulge with children and engage with them in conducting the experiments together.

Awesome Activity Idea Videos

You can watch Fluffy Snow Instructional Videos. Decorate yoour Christmas Tree, Make Colored Snow Rainbows, Make your favorite Frozen Theme, Great for Parties and Gifts for Boys anf Girls. All the Activities and Experiments of Yucky Science Kit series have Video Tutorials Zlife Education Video Channel boasts of over 100+ Science Experiments and activities for Children that adults can also enjoy at home or classroom.

Safe and Non Toxic

The materials and chemicals used in the Kit are Non Toxic and Safe for Children. Safe Experience for children is our Top Priority. However caution is always important in the while conducting the experiments – You cannot eat your experiments. Ingestion can be hazardous. Its not suitable for children below 3 years. Adult Supervision is required for conducting the activities.

Educational Fun and Creative

The Yucky Science Kits and Products are Educational and intend to teach kids concepts of STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).With Video Tutorials on Youtube and Blog for each Activity – Kids can increase their interest in in Science easily. We have compiled 9 Cool activities that can be done wth Fluffy Snow Powder.

Awesome for Parties , Retrun Birthday Gifts for Kids – boys and girls.

Fluffy Snow Can be Used for Kids Birthday Parties, Christmas Decorations, Pure Play, Colored Snow can be used for creative activities for Children. Both adults and Kids enjoy the Fluffy Snow.

About the Startup

Anurag Mehra – CEO / Faculty

Over 8 Years+ Experience in the Field of Experiential Science – Zlife Education has a team of crazy mad scientists, few business professionals and addiction to make Science more joyful and fun for children.

Describe your products in three words.


How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Being in the Space of Informal Education since last 8 years – I realized that my Nephews – 7 and 9 years old – having access to the internet were watching cool experiment videos however didn’t have access to tools and resources to conduct the activities which they were very keen on doing. At that moment I realized that children need to have tool materials and some sort of guidance which they don’t get in the schools to conduct and enjoy science activities at home with which they develop interest in science. We along with our years of experience in the Education Space – created a Youtube Channel for children and Yucky Science it Series for Kids so that Kids and Adults can conduct some cool activities at home with out bothering on sourcing of the materials externally in the early age.

What makes your product special?

Yucky Science Series Kits focus on the Experience of Science with a single mission of making it engaging and fun. The hands on science activities are easy and fun but educative – it’s the simpltest way to make kids learn. The activities pique the interest of kids in science without making it theoretical and boring, it makes them want to learn more Simply put its learning through doing!

What has been the best part of your experience?

It was to see the excitement and light my nephew’s eyes as he created something with his own hands – he wanted to do more and learn more.. he asked me so many questions! Also it was so great to get his attention away from the screen and to feel the bond between me and my nephew while doing the experiments. Not only he felt great but I felt special in a way that I have been able to make him learn in a fun way!

FUN : The Artificial snow feels like real. Expands to 100 times its Size. Recommended for Age Group 4 Years and above including Adults
SAFE : Safe and Non Toxic. 100% Reusable. High quality Snow Powder. Snow Lasts for weeks
OCCASIONS : Activities for kids and adult at home, Science Experiments, Christmas Tree decorations, Birthday Party Gifts for Boys and Girls , Frozen Theme, Party Supplies
IDEAS : Watch Cool Activity Video Tutorials on Zlife Education Youtube Channel for awesome activitiy ideas.