MANVI Educational Laptop for kids, Fun Activity Learning Machine, Learn Letter, Words, Games, Music, Logic, Memory Tool, Computer Toy with Mouse for Kids Laptop- 3+ years (20 activity blue laptop for kids)

MANVI English learner kids laptop make learning fun and entertaining with this english learner kids laptop . Best Learner For Your Kids Say The Letter, Write The Letter, Press The Correct Letter, Say The Words, Spelling Test, Press The Correct Word, Find The Word, Play Melody, Play Notes, Press The Correct Note, Listen And Find Note, And MoreFor kids between the ages of 3 and 10 years, who are fans of the cartoon series, this laptop makes a great learning tool. Learn numbers and alphabets the laptop includes over 20 activities, which will help kids play and learn at the same time with LCD Screen. Alphabets are taught to be recognised and pronounced. Learn Alphabets : Alphabets recognition and pronunciation. Write capital and small letters. Find the letter, it will speak out the letters- which the child needs to punch in on the keyboard. Learning Numbers : Pronunciation and spelling of numbers. Write the numbers. Words : Spelling and pronunciation. Spelling test. Identification of pictures. Find the word Music:-Play melodies and musical notes they can learn and recognise musical notes as well as play melodies. Games :- The laptop also includes other games like catching falling objects, finding the matching pair and drawing pictures. BATTERY IS NOT INCLUDED HAPPY SHOPPING!
Stage 2 – words: spelling and pronunciation. Spelling test. Identification of pictures. Find the word
Stage 3 – learning musical notes: play melodies. Play musical notes. Recognize musical notes (visual and verbal)
Stage 4 – learning numbers: pronunciation and spelling of numbers. Write the numbers. Numbers identification (Visual)
Stage 5 – games: catch falling objects. Find the match pair. Star shooting. Draw a picture