Maze book for kids 6-8: 100 Fun Mazes for Kids 6-8 year olds, Great Activity Workbook for Children- Boys, Girls Easy and Fun Puzzles and … problem-solving skills for 6-12 years

The mazes help your child work on their executive functioning skills, such as planning and developing different strategies, offer them this wonderful gift

We present to you this wonderful book that contains 100 unique pages that offer the little one’s many long-term benefits

At the end of the book are the solutions

Below are several reasons to practice mazes with your child at home:

1-Problem solving: Mazes help your child to work on his executive functioning skills, such as planning and brainstorming various strategies (e.g. starting from the beginning of the maze of working backward from the end of the maze).

2-Fine motor control: Mazes require your child to control his pencil through the maze without hitting the black lines. This means that he must take his time rather than rushing, to have greater success. Progress can be observed as your child bumps into the black lines less and less as he gains greater control of his writing utensil. Children use fine motor control to produce correct letter formation and legible handwriting.

3-Visual motor: Mazes require your child to use his eyes to scan the worksheet to find possible solutions. Scanning is a great skill used for reading and writing, as it is important to scan from the left side of the paper to the right side

4-Grading of an activity: Mazes can be broken down into different steps. For instance, first have your child start by moving his finger, next to a pencil, then a marker through the maze. This helps your child solve the same maze three times consecutively, allowing the skill to sink in better.

5-Confidence: Mazes are perfect fine motor activities to help boost your child’s confidence. Have your child begin with a simple maze to provide immediate success, and then have him work towards completing mazes of increased difficulty.

Fine motor and visual-motor skills can be practiced in a wide variety of ways, including mazes. Mazes are a great way to work on handwriting without just writing letters and words.

This book features:

Large 8.5 x 11 very good quality

100 maze

131 pages