Mazes for Kids: fun and challenging mazes, ages 4-8: 1

Quickly accelerate the development of your child’s psychic faculties with this wonderful book of amazing and hilarious mazes!!!★

This wonderful maze book for kids immediately helps your child to develop logic, calculation, persistence in achieving their goals, problem-solving skills and at the same time immediately helps them to develop their creative, intuitive and imaginative skills!!!

From the very beginning your child will have a lot of fun solving these amazing colorable and artistic mazes with many amazing shapes: fruit shaped, animal shaped, castles shaped, transport shaped etc…

Here are all the features of this great activity book:

Labyrinths in wonderful shapes: in the shape of fruit, in the shape of animals, in the shape of castles, etc…

Presence of labyrinths with real world logic with educational effect

Different difficulty levels of the mazes

The labyrinths can be colored with spirit colors, thanks to the special sheets with anti-stain technology

At the end of the book there are all the solutions of the labyrinths

Buy now this wonderful book for the accelerated development of your child’s psychic faculties !!!★