Menstrupedia Comic : The Friendly Guide To Periods For Girls (English)

“Gift your daughter ‘Menstrupedia Comic’ and bust all her myths and doubts” – NDTV

    ❔ How do I talk about periods with my daughter?

    ❔ What do I tell her about growing up?

    ❔ Is there an easy way to talk about periods at home?

Following the journey of three young girls and their experiences with periods, Menstrupedia Comic is a fun and easy to understand guide to menstruation. It offers reassuring answers to the questions that young girls have about periods.

Menstrupedia comic book helps parents and educators teach young girls about puberty and menstruation.

    ✔ It offers practical guidance based on real life stories

    ✔ It is well researched and medically accurate

    ✔ It is culturally sensitive

This menstruation book is divided into 4 chapters where readers learn about:

  • the physical and emotional changes during puberty
  • biology of menstruation
  • health and nutrition
  • tracking your menstrual cycle
  • taking care of oneself during periods

With beautiful illustrations and cartoon characters, Menstrupedia Comic book is a comprehensive girls guide to growing up that will make you comfortable talking about periods. It’s engaging visuals help a girl learn about periods and her changing body all by herself. In fact, your girl will be glued to it till the end!

Over 10,000 schools and 270 NGOs in India are using Menstrupedia comic to teach about periods. This book is available in English, Hindi and all other Indian languages.

Menstrupedia comic is a fun and empowering puberty gift for a girl.


“This is a great creative solution to a tough cultural challenge.” – Melinda Gates

“Menstrupedia is a perfect example of effective communication design with engaging layers of content and beautiful illustrations.” – Forbes India