MID VALLEY 4Pcs Household Pretend Play Set with Juicer ,Mixer ,Water Dispenser ,Toster for Kids Girls 3 Years Old Kids

This Battery Operated Household Set (Fruit Mixer + Water Dispenser + Coffee Machine + Toaster) Is An Innovative Set Which Inculcates Sound Principles And Sense Of Duty At The Budding Age. Stimulates Children’s Brain Development By Series Of Playing.Encourage a True Work Style With Beautiful Family Household Set. Pretty and Interesting; Set includes a toaster, coffee maker, water purifier and a mixer. Suitable for ages 3 & above. Specifications, colors & contents may vary slightly. The Dream Household Toy Set is every girl’s favorite as they discover the household appliances. This Fashion Mini Household Toy Set appeals to the little girls and introduces them to daily work in the household. It simulates the real world appliances and one experiences the joy of learning progress in learning.This Toy Set includes a toaster, coffee maker, water purifier, and a Mixer.. Each Of These Is Battery Operated and Turns on once The Battery Is Inserted and the Switch is Turned on.This Mini Household Appliance i.e. Fruit Mixer, Water Dispenser & Coffee Maker Is Battery Operated. Requires 2 X AA Batteries (Not Included). Introduces Little Girls To The World of Everyday Household Chores and Appliances. Suitable For Ages 3 Years and Up
Set includes a toaster, coffee maker, water purifier and a mixer. Each of these is battery operated and turns on once the battery is inserted and the switch is turned on.This Mini Household Appliance i.e. fruit mixer, water dispenser & coffee maker Is Battery Operated.
Mini Battery Operated Household Set of 4 : Juicer + Water dispenser + Mixer + Toaster Toy Girl
hygienic plastic to protect tender skin of your kids Fabric treated with anti-bacterial treatment.
Additional Features: Pour the water into the egg whisker Press the On/Off button, the FLP will work Press the button, the water will come out from the mouth of the coffee machine. Similarly all articles have moving functions.