MID VALLEY Cash Register Pretend Play Electronic Toy with Actions, Sounds and Working Calculator and Accessories / Supermarket Kit for Kids (Pink)

Let your child experience being a happy cashier role playing with a little partner. This cash register toy improve kids motor, social, imagination and creative skills. MID VALLEY Cash Register pretend role play toy set includes cash register (calculator), food item, Paper money, money cabinet, Credit card Basket and a Scanner with realistic sound and light. With this cash register kids can pretend to shop at grocery store, just like mom and dad! This Cash register toy comes with real computing function encourage kids to learn numbers, addition, subtraction and division function. Register makes a ‘DiDi’ sound whenever a button/scanner is pressed or when credit card gets swiped gives complete simulation of credit card swap and scan of grocery item as kid observed during routine life. This is a great gift idea for young kids just learning about math and money! Learn basic math and calculator skills while running a pretend store. This calculator cash register features oversized soft buttons and a big number display, making it appropriate for all ability levels. Material: ABS Plastic, 2 AA Batteries required (Not included).
***Shelf prices and the cash register will help encourage early math skills, Adore the bright colors and accessories included in the play set.
***Equipped with assembly set to make the game more funny. Fully-assembled with colorful features for kids.
***All included Ready to Play Pretend Toy Cash Register, Shopping Cart, Food and Play Money, Various Fruits, Vegetables, and play food Groceries etc.
***Let your child experience being a happy cashier role playing with a little partner.