Moody Macaw Make & Break Card Game: An Adult Party Game (17+ Years)

Make & Break is an unique card game that requires you to make pairs to earn points. The pairs are formed on the basis of sexual orientation (straight/lesbian/gay/bi-sexual) of the male and female cards, with other lifelike elements of a relationship like breakup, marriage, divorce and affairs, adding a spicy twist to the proceedings. It’s an addictive game, that is bound to get the players hooked with all their heart & brains !! This is a perfect game for parties, stay overs & social gatherings.
Get your couples married & have kids
Break your opponents’ couples with Break-Up, Secret Affairs & few more interesting cards…
Save your couples from breaking apart with Patch-Up. Make them un-breakable with Happily Married!
Contains a deck of 85 cards & an instruction Manual