Mtoto Baby Lotion (280ml) with Mtoto Diaper Rash Cream (100gm) Combo Pack of 2

Spread easily and form a thick white layer due to zinc oxide also, helps the baby’s skin remain moisturized Recommended to use before every diaper change in order to give diaper rash no chance of appearing
Mtoto baby lotion for winters Prevent your baby’s skin from the harshness of the environment and keeps it hydrated Easy absorb non-greasy formula lotion for dry skin with a tint of good fragrance
Deeply nourishing baby lotion and moisturisers protects the skin leaving it healthy & soft. Safe to use daily lotion on your little one raw skin
Enriched with goodness of Shea Butter, Licorice extract, Sweet Almond oil Vitamin E & aloe Vera. It is completely free from Paraben & Mineral Oil with no added colors.