MY LITTLE PONY Pinkie Pie Potion Dress Up Figure, 5-Inch Pink Pony Toy with Dress-Up Fashion Accessories, Brushable Hair, Comb

Reveal the magic with pinkie pie. Pinkie pie is the life of the party at all the celebrations in equestrian. Cheerful and playful, pinkie pie shares the magic of laughter and smiles with her pony friends. Dress up potion pinkie pie is a pink pony toy with a pink mane and tail. Figure comes with 7 fashion and hair play accessories, 5 of which are hidden for a stylish surprise. Tear open the potion bottle-themed pack and pour out the accessories for dress-up fun. Style her beautiful tinsel-streaked hair, then dress her up in unicorn-themed accessories. Imagine getting pinkie pie ready for a costume party with her unicorn headband and other surprise pieces. This 5-inch figure features a reimagined form factor for a fresh and adorable take on the character’s original design in my little pony entertainment. Look for dress up potion flutter shy to mix and match costume accessories. (Sold separately. Subject to availability. ) My little pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
Play dress up with pinkie pie: imagine pinkie pie is dressing up in a unicorn costume with her fun fashion accessories, including a unicorn headband.
5-Inch reimagined form factor: figure’s adorable, reimagined styling is a fun and fresh take on the design of the original my little pony: friendship is magic character
Tinsel hair and comb: figure has long, soft pink hair that has highlights of shimmery tinsel in it. Kids can brush her mane with the included comb and style it with the mystery hair play accessories
Ages 3 and up: this entertainment-inspired my little pony toy is great for kids ages 3 years old and up who are fans of the my little pony: friendship is magic tv show