My Small Board-Books: Dreamland (A Set Of Ten Books)

Regarded as a great set for toddlers to get started on a journey of learning new things, ‘My Small Board-Books’ is a series of 10 titles, which includes the alphabet book ABC, a first numerical book titled 123, books on Fruits, Food, Vegetables, Words, Animals, Birds, Colours and Vehicles.

Not through extensive writing, but this book helps the children to get acquainted with the basics by brilliant illustrations which any kid could also use as play material. Done in bright colours, these illustrations the attention of child immediately and do become educative material for them them in a playful and fun-filled way.

The longer time a child spends with these board books, the more ingrained these first impressions become as educative lessons learnt.

Designed for children between three and five years of age, this book has been published in 2015 by Dreamland Publications.

About the author:

Dreamland Publication: A recognised publication house for children books and literature, Dreamland Publication is based in Delhi and consistently has been publishing many learning books for children.