NH Laheri Pack of 5 Pcs Lovely Colourful Musical Hanging Rattle Toys with Hanging for Babies New Born Baby Toys Infant Rattle Toy Babies Toys for 4 Month Baby Jhunjhuna for New Born Baby

String description: this cot mobile is a viewing and listening toy and should be keep out of reach of the baby. Features 1 star music box (cartoon may vary) 1 set of swan cross arms 3 hanging colourful characters (cartoons may vary) 1 mobile support arm and cot attachment fastener note:-the colour and cartoon of the product may vary as per availability of stocks instructions for use: fasten the colourful hanging characters to the cross arm set using the threads provided. Make sure all holes of the cross arms are wide open! Attach the cross arm set along with the cartoon characters to the star music box attach the above set to the cot attachment fastener. Wind the screw behind the star music box to hear the pleasant music. No batteries required!!
Winding mechanism behind star to start the gentle and soothing music.
Make baby Enjoy Sweet Music.
Intelligence Development, Hands Coordination.
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