One Stop Toys Educational Building & Construction Blocks of 66 Pcs for Babies/Kids/Children Above 3 Years

By playing with blocks, children will get an opportunity to become more creative, as their will be no limits to what they can create and build. Experimentation with different types of blocks will help children enhance their problem solving skills and create space for them to design and balance their skills between creating and thinking. Different colors, shape, sizes and positions are some of the amazing things they will learn about and at the same time they will be an expert in building their own beautiful and creative structures
To Develop Children’s Ability To Recognize Spatial Structure And Cognition, Skill set, Creativity & Imagination, Object Recognition, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Memory Building, Motor Skills
Training On Logical Thinking, Give Full Play Of Children’s Imagination And Creativity
A Bag Building Blocks for Kids comes in a zippered packet with a handle, which makes it very convenient to store the blocks and carry them from one place to another.