Online Shopo Kart Plastic Space Gun Toy with LED Matrix Flashing Rotating Fan

Crazycute brings you this wonderful Musical Space Gun toy. The gun is made of plastic and runs on batteries. When the trigger is pressed, the gun makes sound, and the front fan which has colorful LED lights start rotating, making amazing pattern. It also has a flashing light on the top. It is made up of safe material, and is very color full and attractive, and it does not have sharp edges, which makes it an ideal toy for your kid. It is suitable for kids over 3 years. Buy this you for your child, and enjoy the smile on his face. Funny Bunny toys are made of high quality material, which makes it an ideal birthday gift.
Key Features – Develops motor, eye-hand co-ordination skills, Easy to carry ,Good quality material, Battery operated, LED, Music
Requires : 3x AA Batteries (Not Includes).
Material Non toxic ABS Plastic. Very Light Weight
Battery are not included with Toy gun. 1 pc