oramsa Indian Traditional Handcrafted Multicolour Spinning Top Toy Desi Wooden Lattu with Thread ( Lattoo-Dori )

The Spinning Lattoo is a traditional indian top fun to play with, it requires a little bit of practice at the start to learn how to spin it but once you have mastered it it is fun to play, kids love spinning it with friends. Lattu is a Hindi name of Spinning Top, which looks very simple but a fun thing to have for your kids. This is one of the most loved Indian toys, popular all over the world. Though it is basically a kids’ toy, people use it for home decor as well. If you are looking for a useful gift for your kid, which will also help them enhance their hand-eye coordination, then this Spinning top with cord is amazing to have a fun time with your little ones. Team play also helps in improving social interactions.
The package contains 1 Spinning Top (Lattu) with String (Dori)
Bring back your childhood memories by gifting this spinning top to your kid, and get hours of fun & excitement.