orapple wooden fruits slicer 1 for kids, 4 pcs fruits cutting play toys set with knife & chopping board, bpa free safety certfied toy for kids of 3 months plus- Multi color

Give expansion to your child’s creativity & imagination with Orapple Fruit Slicer 1 for kids which are not just cute colorful fruits but they can be sliced with the help of a wooden knife. Fruit slicer wooden toy for kids helps children to enjoy the play time by slicing the cute fruits making them feel mature and get engaged in the role play games. It contains 4 wooden fruits (Watermelon, apple, pear & Orange) , 1 wooden knife and 1 wooden chopping board, the wooden fruits are joined together with Velcro tape and can be cut into pieces with the help of a wooden knife.
Cute Fruits: Cute colorful fruits with no sharp edges can be divided into pieces with help of wooden knife
Fruit Recognition: Children will recognize the fruits while he/she plays with it.
Cognitive Skills: Fruit Slicer 1 helps the child to touch and feel the different shaped fruits which helps the child to develop cognitive skills
Imagination booster: Child can slice the fruits and use it in role play games which boosts creativity and imagination of the child.