Orb Slimi Cafe Squishy Raspberry Square Cake, Toys for Girls, 3 Years & Above, Slime, Gifting

Orb slimi café is a sure recipe for fun! Combine specially formulated orb softn slo squishies with slime toppings to make a slime, squishy masterpiece. Stack layers of squishy cake, whipped cream and raspberries then add orb slimi café jameez, swirleez, drizzlers and fluffy whipz. Drizzle, dollop and stretch your orb slimi café toppings, then squeeze! Combine several sets for more possibilities. When you’re done squeezing, separate your toppings to create something new or store in the package to maintain freshness.
When you’re done playing, re-seal the ORB Slimi Cafà Toppings package, Fun to play with, but not to eat
ORB Slimi Cafà Toppings magically separate, Choose your specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies and your ORB Slimi Cafà Toppings. Then create, decorate and squeeze!