pick n play dancing duck toy|dancing duck toy for kids with Multi color flashing lights wink open mouth| real dance action

Give your children a happy childhood with this Dancing Duck which dances with the flashing LED light and mouth also opens. This toy is perfect for gifting purpose. Children really enjoys it. The duck has a button on top of its head that when pushed, it will trigger the bump and go motion within the toy, it will sing a fun sing-a-long tune, flap, and light up its wings. The music and bright colors are fun and appealing, One is a sound effect that imitates a duck sound, there is a song button, a melody button, a button that allows the duck to talk, and a heart button that make a warm heart thumping sound. The duck also has a little baby duckling that, if pushed it will quack like a duckling and light up it mom’s wings. This toy is made of plastic material and is finished in an attractive multi color. It is recommended for kids above age 3 years
Dancing hand and rocking body with wink open mouth make it unique.
This toy is best to gift your kids to bring the smile on their face.
This toys is made of plastic material with wonderfull color. The on/off buttons can be used to switch on or switch off the toy.
There is a small speaker at the back of the duck’s head through which music is played. It requires 3 “AA” size battery to operate(Not included).