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An Impeccable Decorative Item for Your Home

If you look upon yourself as an artistic individual, then it goes without saying that the best place that’ll reflect your creative bent of mind would be your home. The Pindia rickshaw flower holder is one such immaculate home decorative item that’ll definitely add to the overall grace of your study room or drawing room. You can conveniently place this miniature rickshaw flower holder on the mantelpiece besides the sofa or on top of the bookcase in your living room. Its elegant design and fascinating black colour are sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Bestowed with Remarkable Features

The Pindia flower holder comes equipped with awe-aspiring features. Chiselled from superior grade wrought iron, the mantelpiece exudes elegance and stylishness. The sturdiness of the material imparts an extraordinary durability to the item. Carved out of mango wood, the seat also accentuates the overall look of this decorative product. The circular basket-type opening just behind the seat is spacious enough to take in a bunch of flowers. This flower holder is undoubtedly a collector’s item for all those individuals keen to embellish their homes with ornamentation objects. You can buy this decorative flower stand online sitting in the confines of your home.

  • Brand: Pindia
  • Decorative mantelpiece
  • Crafted from wrought iron and mango wood
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Handmade item by Rural Artists of India

Built Material: Wrought Iron / Mango Wood
Dimensions LxBxH (Inches) : 12 x 6 x 6
Authentic design!! Not a replice!! All are Hand made so some imperfection might occur
All are made by Rural Artists of India!! So buy them & promote India.