Play Panda Brain Booster Set 2 (Senior) – 56 Puzzles Designed to Boost Intelligence – with Magnetic Shapes, Magnetic Board, Puzzle Book and Solution Book – for 6-99 Years Boys and Girls

How to play ?
Brain Booster puzzles supercharge the brain. A regular use of these puzzles boosts IQ and improves spatial thinking and logical thinking skills.
How to play ? Pick one pattern from the puzzle book. Arrange 9 magnetic shapes to match the pattern. Check the solution in the solution book.
Brain Booster puzzles are suitable for both boys and girls (age 6+). Even older kids, age 10 – 15, will enjoy challenging their brain. It promises hours of fun with friends and family.
Each set includes 11 Magnetic shapes, a magnetic canvas (9X9 inches), a puzzle book with 56 puzzles, a solution book with 56 solutions.