Play Poco Alphabet Fun Type 2 – 78 Piece Alphabet Matching Puzzle – 7 Different Ways to Play and Learn – Includes 78 Large Puzzle Cards with Beautiful Illustrations

MANY WAYS TO PLAY – 1. Identify objects in the pictures. 2. Match the objectS with its starting letter. 3. Pick a letter card and name different things starting with that letter. 4. Arrange all the letter cards in alphabetical order. 5. Identify the missing letter card from a sequence of letter cards. 6. Identify the letter card that precedes or follows a sequence of letter cards. 7. Memory game.
INTRODUCE KEY PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS – These three-piece puzzles are an ideal way to help your child develop a basic understanding of how to solve simple problems, developing important skills that will help them as they progress on to more difficult tasks.
IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS – Thick, durable cardboard construction makes products easy to grasp and use, and also a great way of improving hand-eye coordination and encouraging the development of essential motor skills.
INCREASE ATTENTION SPAN & FOCUS – Working towards creating each puzzle provides plenty of motivation and this helps your child develop their concentration skills.